Do you feel as though you live your life with purpose? If so, what is the driving force for that purpose? 


Yes, I absolutely live my life with a purpose. Everyday I wake up I try to live it like it’s my last. Most ppl don’t think before they go to sleep, did they live today like it was their last. We often forget who we are and what we mean to the people we surround ourselves with. My purpose everyday is to give what I want to receive! 


Why is it so difficult for black American men in this culture to be themselves, their essential

selves, and remain who they truly are?


I don’t think it's because of the difficulty part more than being consistent. We as black men are in a place where we are always against the world and then other brothers as well. It's more difficult trying to get other ppl to believe in us and to see our visions. Our essential selves come into play when we learn how to be consistent ( mind you, consistency is one of my favorite words). Being a Black Man in AMERICA is essential!



At what point does a boy become a man?


Transitioning from a boy to a man? Whew it's different for everyone , but I will say most boys feel like they’re men when they get a job or have a child. Lol.  But becoming a man has nothing to do with money nor having a kid. I felt like when I became a man was when I was able to think about what will benefit my future and those that I surround myself with. My parents were Great examples for me seeing how a man moves, treats women, learns how to be responsible and how to feed his family with or without money!


What is something that people misunderstand about you?


I believe most people misunderstand my loyalty and passion. I think of myself underrated as “ I am the best known unknown!” ( my slogan). Reason I say that is because I keep a tight circle but talk to everybody. I share my thoughts because I feel like my vision is my vision , people can interpret but can not RECREATE MY GREATNESS/VISION. I am a very passionate person so it will be easy for people with no passion to misunderstand me !


What in life is beautiful to you? 


My WIFE of course! And when people are genuine and treat others the way they want to be treated. ( the golden rule)


Where does your inspiration come from?


My inspiration comes from my childhood, my senior year I was told that I wouldn’t be successful if I didn’t go to college. That fueled me to push towards GREATNESS daily. I believe that nobody can say what another person can or cannot do. That is my everyday inspiration. 


Who is the most impressional man in your life?


Man I have so many to choose from. But I will have to say my Uncle Gerald. Why did I choose him ? He has been through some life changing experiences, and still manages to keep a smile on his face, make people laugh and smile. He taught me things I’m life that I will forever carry over to teach my son when he needs it. The impression he leaves on me is no matter what you are going through it can always be worse. No day is a bad day it’s what you make it!!!!


For future generations of men reading this: is there any wisdom you’d want to pass on to them? What would you want them to know? Do you follow this advice yourself?


I wrote a quote in my book “21 days of recreating Greatness!” “Be exceptional to the rules of LIFE and what it has to offer. Life gives you trials, speed bumps, and hazardous situations you can not control but you can overcome. Get out the mud and step into GREATNESS!” Author Ej McNeely   This something I do follow daily. The reason I follow this is because no matter how you want things to go something for some reason happens. Does it have to happen like that ? No. But it may so you have to adjust daily for life will give you without giving up on yourself!