When I think of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I think of the 22 courageous women who saw the need for change and did what needed to be done. Since becoming a member, I have gained wisdom on how sisterhood, scholarship, and service can build character. 

If it had not been for Delta, I’m not sure I’d be as business savvy as I am. Learning to work alongside others with different backgrounds and ideation is helpful when you’re in an industry of serving others. Being a member has taught me that life will throw several deadlines and events at you at once so it’s important to build connections with others to meet expectations. 

Lastly, it is an honor to be a part of an organization with such dynamic and illustrious women. I have yet to meet a Soror who was not compassionate, down to earth, and about her business. We are a group of women with high standards and we continue to break barriers. Being a Delta has encouraged me to become my own boss and continue to push through adversity. 

LaCresha K. Amous

Head Stylist and Owner of Illustrious Designs OKC