Being a Delta woman to me is being professional at all times no matter what situation you may be put in , being able to treat women of all different backgrounds with nothing but the utmost respect .

Of all the 5 point thrust , I would say Economic Development has helped me the most with me being a successful entrepreneur . Growing up as a young determined woman in high school I knew that I did not want to work for anybody and that I wanted a business of my own . I appreciate my undergraduate experience as a Delta because it showed me the everyday values I needed for my business . Delta taught me time management, patience , how to be a part of a team, structure , and how to overcome the challenges of working with people outside of my comfort zone .  

Being a Delta woman is to be a lending hand whenever you see someone who needs help. Constantly being “sisterly “ and exemplifying honesty even when no one is around. I am so thankful for my 22 strong , determined founders that have made this sorority possible today.

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