“Being a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. is an incomparable feeling. I’m reassured daily that the relationships created through Delta will sustain me in times of need and that because I am a Delta woman there is no obstacle I cannot overcome. Lessons learned through my membership in such an illustrious organization have equipped me with the determination, resilience and grace necessary to battle entrepreneurship. Being a younger business owner comes with a unique set of complications and sometimes doubt attempts to find residence in my thoughts; but each time those feelings arise I’m reminded of principles passed down to me through Delta that give me the reassurance I need to press on. Knowing that I walk in the footsteps of true trailblazers, is not only humbling but also a constant reminder of the responsibility this membership requires. Delta has made me more cognizant of the legacy I intend to leave behind in my personal relationships, communal relationships and most importantly my business relations. Hard work and grace are two of the most important takeaways Delta has provided for me and it is because of those takeaways and Gods favor that I proudly operate my business at a level of excellence. Given the lifelong sisterhood I have built through this organization I have an indescribable feeling of support and security and a duty to uphold the values and principles of my founders.” 

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