Do you feel as though you live your life with purpose? If so, what is the driving force for that purpose?

Yes! I believe my purpose is ever evolving as I embark on each day, but I know that I was born to be an answer and a bridge. My driving force is my faith, family, and the desire to pour out until I become empty.

Why is it so difficult for black American men in this culture to be themselves, their essential selves, and remain who they truly are?

For me the struggle was always navigating through feeling like an imposter, rejected, unworthy, not enough. It wasn’t until I embraced the identity of being distinct through God, that I found the freedom to unapologetically be me. Another thing I had to overcome was the pressure to prove myself in every area of my life. I’m all the Husband, Father, Son, Leader, Brother, Friend, etc… that I need to be and what I lack, God will equip me with. 

At what point does a boy become a man?

I believe a boy becomes a man when he learns how to lead by serving. The bible tells us in Luke 22:26, that the greatest men will be the ones who take the lowest rank and lead as a servant. As a man I strive daily to lead by serving my family, friends, and community. 

What is something that people misunderstand about you?

People most frequently misunderstand my presence when I enter the room, they think I’m a know it all & always want to be seen. Interestingly, I’ve always felt somewhat misunderstood from people, so much so that I would project this on people before they had a chance to try, but that’s a problem in itself lol.

What in life is beautiful to you? 

Grace is beautiful to me. When I look at my life and others, it was God’s grace that allowed us all to prosper. It reminds me daily how essential love is and the relentless potential we all embody if only given grace to bloom & flourish.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from God. He changes everyone who fully submits to him. My wife and I have proclaimed our marriage and family would be the evidence of 1 Corinthians 2:9. I’m always in great expectation of His promises fulfilled. 

Who is the most impressionable man in your life?

Kirk Franklin.

For future generations of men reading this: is there any wisdom you’d want to pass on to them? What would you want them to know? Do you follow this advice yourself?

Stay distinct, you’re all the difference we need in the world

Never let the problems be bigger than Gods Promises

Prioritize your time, investment, and purpose

Never stop believing, it’s bigger than you

Know your worth and never settle for less

Dream big, Pray Big, Serve Big, 

These are just a few of my affirmations I ascribe to and pray continue to ripple through every generation after me.