Do you feel as though you live your life with purpose? If so, what is the driving force for that purpose?

Absolutely. Every day is steady towards your purpose. I believe that your purpose your life overlaps with assignments in order to illuminate your gifting and is constant until your last breath. Without your assignments or your action towards them you would be purposeless. Everything has a place, the good and the bad, but it is all meant to strengthen you. I spend my life going after what I am meant to do. Some things are as big as apologizing to people and some as small as speaking to crowds. Neither one is obsolete, they all tie to an end goal that is meant to inspire, encourage, motivate, ground and relate to every individual. My driving force is Jesus and serving Him, which is also my purpose, everything I do leads back to my Savior and Creator to do the good work before.

Why is it so difficult for black American men in this culture to be themselves, their essential

selves, and remain who they truly are?

So, to answer the question black men are programmed by comparison. It is difficult because your examples do not know who they are so why would you know how to be yourself. It boils down to teaching. How can a person know how to maintain authenticity when a vast majority have never seen it. To remain something you must be able to maintain and to maintain you have to be informed on how to do so or to adapt and change in order to do so. This is not something that is discussed in our culture. 


At what point does a boy become a man?

After 25 this is the point in which a boy's brain develops into a man. This is why we see various problems which young men face prior to that age, mainly because they are still developing and growing. 

What is something that people misunderstand about you?

People misunderstand my persona. They believe that I am a way, that I truly am not. It is at times perception or judgment.

What in life is beautiful to you? 

 My wife or people and our Earth. They are perfectly made.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Everything around me and the things within me. I am inspired by who I am becoming. I am a thinker and I am one thought away from inspiration. 

Who is the most impressionable man in your life?

First, My Father in Heaven and second my Father on Earth. Both have given me life, genetics, character and dashing good looks. Honestly, much more than I can even imagine.

For future generations of  men reading this: is there any wisdom you’d want to pass on to them? What would you want them to know? Do you follow this advice yourself?

Have Faith, Be persistent, Keep learning, Keep growing; The dark places shape you for the places that light will take you; Walk with Jesus he will humble you and be present in every moment. 

I try to follow it. I am just getting better.