Being is defined as the nature or essence of a person... but if one did not know, Delta is truly a spirit, an energy, a vibe. To be, to live, to exist as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority means I have accepted the challenge to create, with my hands and my mind, new spaces within this world where people disenfranchised by institutional, systematic and social barriers can find solutions, encouragement and empowerment to tap into their inner self, to challenge and break the glass ceilings constructed to enslave them mentally, spiritually and financially and most importantly to show them they already own the wings to break from this social captivity and to fly free.

For these reasons, I co-founded Black Boy Original Genius, an urban apparel line, in 2014 with my then 6 year old son to empower black boys to be comfortable tapping into their innate intellect and greatness. I founded Noir Designs, a Home Decor Art Collection, in 2014 to show black women and men that their essence, their facial features and their hair was worthy to be honored via showcase in elements of home design. Most recently, I founded I.C.O.N., a retail experience dedicated to serving curvy clients by providing affirmations regarding body positivity, inner confidence and empowered thinking which transcends from fashion, which is the message we send to the masses about self, to the ascension of thought in how one confidently, proudly and successfully blazes thru their journey in this world... hips, thighs and all. To be a Delta is transform elements we were conditioned to be so wrong into masterpieces which we know are actually so right, so profound and so needed in order for this world to manifest into the greatness God ordained it to be. That is what being a member of Delta Sigma Theta means to me.

Chimera C Hampton, Mu Kappa - Spr 04 Crimson Epiphany, Aphrodite #34