Being a Delta means I have an AWESOME responsibility to live a life of public service. I must speak for those whos voices aren't heard. A women who doesn't cower at obstacles.....she conquers them.

Being a Delta means rolling up your sleeves to do the work that may not get done if we don't take the initiative.

Being a Delta means having sisters all over the world, whom share a common interest and dedication to using our time, talents and treasures to make the community.....the WORLD....better. A women of contrasting characteristics; gentle and virtuous yet fierce and stern when necessary.....Keeping her essence when in the trenches and in triumph. Being a Delta means I preserve the history of the Black community, while nurturing our present and making positive deposits for our future.

A Delta woman puts great importance on academics because she understands that education is a valuable tool that can aide one in achieving their goals.  Being a Delta means I'm invested in the spiritual, mental, economic and physical health of Women. Being a Delta means that I hold my Sorors in high esteem and that I have comfort in knowing that I can go almost anywhere, and never be alone. Being a Delta is Black Girl Magic; which is part of what inspired me to create a Black cameo jewelry line called the "Abra Collection." Abra comes from the term "abracadabra" thus the line represents Black Girl Magic. The collection was born out of the passion I have for Black representation in industries where there is little to none. I designed and I make each piece by hand. I've always loved the Victorian look of cameo jewelry however 98% of the cameo jewelry available for purchase is of European women; while still beautiful, I felt that Black women needed some representation in the cameo jewelry industry. With that being said, in true Delta form, I set out to be the change I wanted to see. I want Black women to know that there is cameo jewelry that looks like us, our ancestors and the Black woman we love. The Abra Collection is wearable Black art. You can find my jewelry line at the links below:

Velvet Truffle Boutique website: velvet-truffle-boutique.myshopify.com