How do you see yourself, and how would you like to be seen?


I see myself as a Christian, someone who doesn’t mind being different, and set apart. Someone who doesn’t mind saying no to things I don’t believe in. I see myself as an honest person that doesn’t mind keeping it real. I see myself as an independent successful black woman that others look up to, and don’t mind sharing my knowledge or advice. I don’t have a problem going after everything my heart desires, regardless how others feel about it. I see myself as a great wife, mom, daughter, sister, and aunt that truly cares and enjoys supporting everyone I can. I would like to be seen as a role model, someone who walks the walk and talks the talk. 





How do you define your purpose in life?



My purpose in life is to coach and spread knowledge to help others succeed at their full potential by being an example myself. I enjoy helping others reach their maximum potential and getting rid of limiting beliefs. I like helping those that don’t mind working and helping themselves first. Helping others, helps me. It’s give me so much joy and happiness that can’t be explained.





What are three events that helped to shape your life?


1. Getting pregnant my senior year in high school, and losing my track scholarship, seemed to be the worst thing that could’ve happened to me, but turned out to be my biggest blessing!

2. Getting promoted as supervisor at Sprint helped me to discover my gift in coaching others.

3. Quitting my job I had for 11 years to become a full time realtor, exemplified my faith and trust in God. 


What woman inspires you and why?


My mother and daughter have been the biggest inspiration in my life. My mother is hardest working woman I know. She has been a great example of someone who always takes care of her business and puts God and family first in all things. My mother also taught me the importance of tithing. My daughter forever changed my world, she makes my life worth living and the reason I set my bar so high, because she is watching and following me and I want to be a great example.


Are there any assumptions about women that you would like to change? Why?


One assumption is that women have to depend on men to be the breadwinners and women have to be responsible solely for the home and the children. I would like to see that assumption change, and for women to accept that it’s okay to be successful and share the same responsibilities with their partner and work together without them feeling intimidated.




What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?  


Men will look at women as a threat instead of a partner and be intimidated by their success



As a Woman of Valor, what advice would you give to your younger self and do you follow this advice now? The advice I would give is to invest early whether that be in stock, life insurance, 401k, real estate etc. Don't tap in unless it’s for a true emergency. Sit back and watch how compound interest can work for you. Set yourself up to retire early. Live off 70% use 30% towards tithing, saving, and to give to charity. Don’t wait on handouts or expect anyone to do anything for you. Never feel entitled. Go after what you want In life, write it down, make a plan, create a vision board, and take action. Don’t wait on opportunities, create them. I take my own advice, I am practicing what I speak and instill the same behaviors in my household. I realized kids learn more by what they see you do, instead of what you say.