How do you see yourself, and how do you want to be seen?


I see myself as a woman who is experiencing constant transformation, preparation and critical thinking. Juggling being a first time mother as well as a wife during a pandemic has left me with a new normal that very few can relate to. I want to be seen as someone who provides solutions as well as support and encourages understanding. I want people who enter my life to feel like they can be their authentic self while they are with me. I want to be seen as someone who values relationships first and others opinions last.


How do you define your purpose in life?


My purpose in life is to continue to search for my place where I can be of service to others. That looks different wherever God places me. So many times we are looking for a title to label our purpose but I think our purpose is to always be a light to someone’s life whether it’s an encouraging word to turn away self doubt or a smile that can change someone’s day being kind goes a long way; that’s how we prove God is real. When we do that he blesses us with position; always be ready for the position God may put you in. 



What are three events that helped to shape your life?  

College, marriage having a child. Deciding to attend an HBCU, helped me gain confidence as a black woman about to enter the workforce. Marriage at a young age tested not only my relationship with my family but also with my spouse; it was important for me to have the type of marriage that my husband and I wanted to create not what society expects it to be. Lastly having a child changed how I feel about relationships. It is important to address issues from my past so that I wouldn’t not express them unexpectedly to my son. Breaking generational curses is a must in my marriage. 


What woman inspires you and why?

No woman in particular but women in general. We take on a lot of roles that we aren’t naturally experts at but we are natural problem solvers. Nurturing comes natural. Everyone needs a woman that they can be vulnerable with. Those are the women I surround myself with. They continue to harnesses femininity while influencing and executing despite constantly being sexualized, categorized, body shamed and/or stereotyped; regardless of the race.. woman execute period.. take it how you want! Women who is empower other woman! Those are the women who inspire me.



Are there any assumptions about women that you would like to change? Why?

That submission means weakness and without a voice and that all women want the same things in life. I could go on but it’s too much! Lol



What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you? 

Understanding what valuing yourself looks like in today’s society. Social media has confused what beauty and what success really is. 


As a Woman of Valor, what advice would you give to your younger self and do you follow this advice now?

 I would tell myself that you will already be more because you want more. The fact that you are taking the necessary steps to get to the place you want to be is confirmation that it's coming. Maximize your time while you are single, take up a trade, travel, invest and focus more on self development; college is not the only answer. Those who anger you control you.. Master emotional intelligence early; everything doesn’t deserve a reaction; it’s more power in self control than lashing out. It will help you in every aspect in life. Yes I’m finally at a position in my life where self care is a priority and embracing my true self without the input of society's expectations as a black woman professionally, culturally and personally is a way of life daily and I’m proud of that the most. Envision yourself as the woman you want to be and start being her today! It was always in you from the very start.